Kate Beckinsale cat catches fire

Kate Beckinsale’s cat’s caught fire at the weekend.

The Click actress revealed her feline friend Clive accidentally brushed past a candle causing his tail to ignite as she was getting ready for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ceremony on Sunday.

Kate said: “Our cat Clive caught fire on a candle. As I was getting ready, there was like a ‘whoosh’ – a fireball and he went up like a rocket.”

The British actress – who attended the awards ceremony with her director husband Len Wiseman – insists Clive
was left unscathed by the incident.

Kate said: “Don’t worry. The cat is fine. He had no idea what was going on.”

However, Kate’s Los Angeles mansion now reeks with the smell of singed cat hair.

She said: “The smell of burnt hair is awful!”

Kate, 34, has just finished shooting Nothing But the Truth alongside David Schwimmer and Matt Dillon.

In the drama, Kate plays a female reporter who faces a jail sentence for outing a CIA agent and refusing to reveal her source.