Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been arrested after a drunken row with airline staff.

The Irish actor launched an angry tirade of abuse at one female worker when she told him he was ‘unfit to travel’ at Ireland’s Dublin Airport at around 2.30pm yesterday (18.11.07).

The 30-year-old star – who was trying to board a British Midland flight to London after appearing on Irish TV show Tubridy Tonight on Saturday (17.11.07) – repeatedly told staff: ‘I will get on this flight no matter what.’

One source said: ‘After being told he couldn’t fly he flew into a temper and started screaming at this woman. She seemed to be very upset by the whole ordeal.’

Police arrested the star at the airport and took him to the nearby Whitehall Garda station where he was charged under the Public Order Act with being drunk and disorderly and a breach of the peace.

Speaking outside the station after being released on bail, a dishevelled Rhys Meyers said: ‘I said the wrong thing to the wrong woman at the wrong time.’

The actor – who plays British monarch King Henry VIII in hit TV costume drama The Tudors – is to appear at Dublin District Court in December to answer the charges.

Rhys Meyers has had a well-documented battle with alcohol. In April, he checked into rehab for a few weeks to be treated for alcoholism.