Johnny Depp is scared by the sight of his own blood.

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The Hollywood star – who plays a murderous barber in new musical film Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – is scared of cutting himself and wary of visiting the doctors because being “prodded and poked” makes him squeamish.

Speaking at the US premiere of Sweeney Todd at New York’s Ziegfeld Theatre on Monday (03.12.07), he said: “There’s a lot of blood-letting in the film but I like to keep mine inside me thank you very much. I’m not very good with the sight of my own blood.

“Nobody likes to be prodded or poked in any way, whether it’s in the doctor’s office or in jail.”

When asked if he has ever lost a lot of blood, he joked: “Yes, but I found it!”
Despite using gallons of fake blood during filming, director Tim Burton shares Depp’s fear of bleeding.

He admitted: “I always look away when I draw blood at the doctor’s office. The blood we use is very theatrical. That’s one of the reasons it still feels like a play to me. The realistic edge is off.”

Jayne Wisener, who play’s Sweeney’s daughter Johanna in the movie, revealed she enjoyed the gory scenes.

She said: “The blood was a bit redder than ketchup. Did I try it? No, but maybe I should have. Do you think I should’ve licked it off Johnny’s face?”