Joel Madden discovers The Cure

Joel Madden says his daughter is his “one true love”.

The Good Charlotte rocker, whose fiancee Nicole Richie gave birth to their first child Harlow Winter in January, couldn’t stop enthusing about being a father at his New York concert on Wednesday.

He told the audience: “You know, no matter how many beautiful girls there are in this audience, I must confess that three months ago, I had a little baby girl, and she’s my one and only true love.”

Joel, who pointed at Nicole as his band sang Keep Your Hands Off My Girl, also revealed his daughter is huge fan of 80s goth band The Cure.

He added: “Before I left on tour – and we’ve been on the road for about a month now – I used to sing songs to Harlow every day. And there’s a band she really likes, it’s called The Cure. Big Cure fan. So I’ve learned all their songs and we’ll sing one tonight. This is called ‘Love Song.”