Joan Collins gets beauty tips from Kim Kardashian.

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The 78-year-old actress is a huge fan of the reality TV star’s style and admitted she recently asked her for tips on how to keep her eyelashes looking good although she is unsure whether to take Kim’s advice.

She said: “What a nice girl. We had the loveliest conversation. I said, ‘Are those eyelashes your own?’ and she said ‘Yes’. Apparently she paints something called Latisse on them to make them grow. Not sure about that though – think I’d rather stick with falsies.”

Joan also revealed she admires Kim’s curvy figure, especially when so many celebrities are super skinny.

She told Glamour magazine: “She’s nice and curvy. I mean most of these girls must live on a slice of cucumber. I remember when I first went to 20th Century Fox, I was 9st and told I had to lose 8lbs.

“Now, this was when women were allowed to be curvy, but they put me on this diet that was bananas and cottage cheese, tomatoes and cottage cheese, cottage cheese and cottage cheese … of course it didn’t work because I couldn’t live like that.”