Jerry Hall’s anti-boyfriend son

Jerry Hall’s son has threatened to kill himself if she gets a boyfriend.

The former model – who split from 10-year-old Gabriel’s father, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, in 1999 – has revealed her son doesn’t want her to start dating again.

She said: “Gabriel gets very angry with me if I work too much. He absolutely hates the idea of me having a boyfriend. He says, ‘If you get a boyfriend, I will kill myself.’

“I say to him, ‘But darling, you will grow up and get married one day and it would be nice for mum to have some company.'”

Jerry also revealed it isn’t just her love-life her children have an influence on. Her 16-year-old daughter Georgia has banned her 51-year-old mother from wearing miniskirts.

Jerry – who is auctioning several of her outfits, including her wedding dress, in aid of charity Emmaus – added: “Georgia says I can’t wear miniskirts anymore. When she was younger, she was always the one who said, ‘Mum, you can’t go out wearing that, it’s too sexy.’ Children basically want you to stay home and be miserable, don’t they?”

Jerry has two other children with Mick, 24-year-old Elizabeth and James, 22. The couple were married for 14 years, but it was annulled after they split in 1999 when it was revealed the Hindu ceremony, which took place in Bali, wasn’t legally recognised in the UK.