Jennifer Aniston loved ‘from the heart’

John Mayer insists his love for Jennifer Aniston comes “from the heart”.

The singer – who began dating the former Friends beauty in April – refused to elaborate on his romance with Jennifer but did say it was genuine.

He said: “All I can tell you is that I have made every decision in my life with complete authenticity. My feet are firmly on the ground. If you do things from the heart, it feels awesome.”

Before John began dating Jennifer, he was in a relationship with actress Minka Kelly, but ended it as soon as he fell for the Hollywood star.

Minka’s friend said: “Minka received a call from John prior to the story breaking about his relationship with Jennifer. He apologised to Minka, saying, ‘Sorry, but I’m really in love.’

“But Minka found this interesting as during his relationship with her, John mentioned, ‘I don’t really get this Jennifer Aniston thing.'”

Jennifer recently introduced John to her to best friend Courteney Cox Arquette, signifying the seriousness of the relationship.

The couple dined with Courteney and her husband David Arquette.