Jay-Z throws bachelor party

Jay-Z reportedly held a bachelor party in Canada on Wednesday ahead of his rumoured wedding to Beyonce Knowles.

The record executive mogul threw a private party at Toronto hotspot Lobby after performing in the city, but onlookers said it looked more extravagant than a standard bash.

One onlooker commented: “It looked like a bachelor party because soon the doors were closed to all but the immediate guests. Jay-Z was laughing and happy and talking to everyone around him. It was amazing how many girls were flirting with him, but he was just being nice to everyone.”

Jay-Z and Beyonce – who have been dating for six years – are said to be planning to tie the knot in New York today.

The date is believed to have special significance to the celebrity pair, who seems to have a fondness for the number four.

Beyonce celebrates her birthday on September 4 and Jay-Z was born on December 4, the couple also have matching IV tattoos on their ring fingers – the Roman numeral for four.

Jay-Z also owns the 40/40 sports bars and nightclubs.