Jamie Winstone punches boyfriend

Jamie Winstone punched her boyfriend Alfie Allen during a furious argument in the street.

The Donkey Punch actress, Alfie and their friends were celebrating his cameo role in a stage version of the Wizard of Oz at a busy restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland, when the pair began to argue.

Anxious waiters had already asked the noisy group to “tone it down” when Jaime and Alfie started rowing, but their disagreement is said to have quickly descended into a full-scale screaming match.

Jaime, 23, screamed at Alfie: “I hate you. I hate you, f**k off and leave me alone.”

The actress then reportedly broke down in tears and ran out of the restaurant, with Alfie, 21, in hot pursuit.

Worried onlookers tried to calm the pair, but the couple’s friends reassured them: “Don’t worry, they are always doing this.”

As Alfie tried to talk to his girlfriend she allegedly punched him in the stomach, before storming off. After recovering, Alfie followed his girlfriend up the street and attempted to reason with her.

Jaime and Alfie – who started dating late last year – are well known for their tempestuous relationship, and have had a series of public spats.