Hugo Taylor is quitting Made In Chelsea.

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The PR professional has decided to leave the E4 reality show because he feels he has done as much as he can in it, although he admits he’s taking a risk walking away.

He said: ”I’m quitting. It’s a big gamble but I think I might have outgrown the show. Originally the producers only wanted me as a peripheral character and that’s all I wanted to contribute.

”I could wind up having absolutely everything or I could end up with nothing. But I’ve become lazy and comfortable on the show.”

Taylor also said he was worried about being branded a ”reality star” and he thinks he’s becoming too old for it.

He told Now magazine: ”I worry about it every day. It’s one of my main motivations for not doing a reality show anymore.

”I often look at what I’ve done and think, ‘S**t, did I completely sell out?’ Staying on ‘Made In Chelsea’ and bitching about the colour of someone’s dress has started to become unimportant to me.

”I’m 26 – the show works better with people under 24. It becomes harder to do these shows as you get older. I started thinking I need to do something credible that I’m proud of.”