HESTON BLUMENTHAL and Delia Smith have had the ads they made for Waitrose banned after it was found the TV commercials misled viewers.

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In the ads the two TV chefs wax lyrical about the qualities of Essential Waitrose Pork, which, Heston assures us, has come from “outdoor bred” pigs.

Cue film of some cute piggies lying in straw on an open field.

Complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority centred on the phrase “outdoor bred” and the associated pictures that made it look like the pigs were free to roam.

In fact, Porky and co. were shoved indoors a couple of weeks after being born.

“Viewers were likely to understand ‘outdoor bred’ to mean that the pigs that were used to produce the product spent the duration of their lives outdoors,” said the ASA in its judgement.

“Because that was not the case, we concluded that the ads were misleading.”

Shoppers tip: if you want to eat pork from pigs that have roamed free, you need to look for the label ‘outdoor reared’.