Heather Mills is under investigation from her local council after neighbours complained about her 40th birthday party.

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Rother District Council confirmed they had received calls from angry locals regarding noise levels at Heather’s bash at her luxury nine-bedroom house in Robertsbridge, Sussex, on December 12, 2007.

A spokesman from the council told a local newspaper: “We received four complaints about noise from loud music and a generator. We are now investigating the complaints.”

Heather – who is currently in the middle of a bitter divorce battle with Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney – only invited a few of her neighbours to the party.

Others who were not invited got their revenge by blasting Beatles hits out of their windows. Claire Patterson, who lives opposite Heather’s mansion, said: “I’m a Macca fan, not a Mucca fan. I can’t believe we didn’t get an invite, but the neighbours opposite did. It’s so rude.

“When we have a party, we invite everyone. Anyone is welcome. But it seems we weren’t wanted. We decided to play Hey Jude out the window to make our anger clear.”

Heather has now moved out of her Robertsbridge residence.