Heather Mills was “her own worst enemy” in her “underhand” divorce battle with Sir Paul McCartney.

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The former model – who was awarded UKP24.3 million in the settlement on Monday (17.03.08) – had a “warped perception” and “indulged in make-believe” to build her case against The Beatles legend, according to the High Court judge who presided over the case.

Mr. Justice Bennett’s explosive 58-page judgement was revealed yesterday (18.03.08) – after Heather failed in her legal bid to stop the details being published.

In it, he accused the 40-year-old vegan of being “inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid”.

He added: “If the wife feels aggrieved she only has herself to blame. If, as she has done, a litigant flagrantly over-eggs the pudding, then he or she is likely to find the court takes a robust view and drastically prunes the budget… The case was devoid of reality.”

The judge also condemned Heather for her “fraudulent attempt to extract money from her husband” after it was revealed she had demanded UKP480,000 to settle a mortgage owed on a property.

It was eventually revealed the house had already been bought outright with Paul’s money.

Mr. Bennett said: “She must have known that there were no loans on Thames Reach, yet she tried to suggest that there were and obtain monies by underhand means. Her attempts to suggest she had got in a muddle had a hollow ring.”

While Heather was described as a “less than impressive witness”, the judge concluded the 65-year-old musician behaved impeccably in court.

He said: “Mr. McCartney was consistent, accurate and honest. In light of her husband’s generosity towards her, I find the wife’s behaviour distinctly distasteful… it damages her overall credibility.

“Her estimated wealth before she met her husband was wholly exaggerated.”

The judge dismissed Heather’s “unreasonable need” for a UKP125 million settlement.

She demanded a staggering UKP3.25 million annually to look after herself and the couple’s four-year-old daughter Beatrice. She was awarded UKP600,000. Heather wanted up to UKP12.5 million to buy a London home, UKP400,000 for a swimming pool, almost UKP500,000 for holidays and over UKP540,000 for security.

She also requested UKP39,000 for wine, despite not drinking, and UKP30,000 for equestrian activities, even though she no longer rides horses.

Heather – who claimed to be an ardent charity worker before she met Paul – also wanted over UKP600,000 for charitable donations, even though her tax returns showed she hadn’t donated anything in the years before she married the musician.

Heather claimed in court: “I was his full-time wife, mother, lover, confidante, business partner and psychologist.”

She also boasted she helped Paul write songs, designed sets for his tour and counselled him after the death of his first wife Linda.

Mr. Bennett rejected her outlandish claims, saying: “Her case that in some way she single-handedly saved him was exaggerated. She enjoys being the centre of attention.”