Harrison Ford wishes he was the US President.

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The Hollywood star would love to spend a day in George W. Bush’s shoes, and believes he would have a huge impact as a politician.

He said: “I’d like to be George W. Bush, and boy, I’d get a lot done. You’d remember me for a long, long time.”

Bush – who has been in office since 2000 – is set to get the Hollywood treatment in a new film by controversial Natural Born Killers director Oliver Stone, entitled W.

The movie will see No Country for Old Men star Josh Brolin portray the president, with Elizabeth Banks playing his wife Laura.

British beauty Thandie Newton is reportedly set to star as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, with Fantastic Four actor Ioan Gruffudd in negotiations to play former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the movie.

W. is due to begin filming later this month, and will hit cinemas in 2009.