Guy Ritchie’s mother claims the director knew his marriage to Madonna would end bitterly before they even wed.

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Lady Amber Leighton – Guy’s mother – has reportedly blasted the singer, saying she also feared the relationship wouldn’t last.

Lady Amber is quoted by the Daily Mirror as telling a friend: “Guy chose to take this route, he knew what he was doing when he married her and got involved with that end of the market. He knew when he got into this relationship it was the price he would have to pay.

“It was inevitable. It’s sad to watch any relationship go downhill. But that couldn’t go on. I know who Guy is and it didn’t take much to see who she is, and it couldn’t work. It’s unfortunate but he had some idea of what he was doing when he wed her.”

Madonna, 50, and Guy, 40, announced on Wednesday (15.10.08) that they are divorcing after nearly eight years of marriage.

Guy has reportedly said he doesn’t want a penny of his wife’s money in the settlement, but is insisting he has full access to the children the pair raised together – Rocco, eight, adopted David Banda, two, and Lourdes, twelve, Madonna’s child from a relationship with dancer Carlos Leon.

A source close to Guy said: “He will walk away with nothing. The kids are his main concern. Unfortunately, Madonna is interested in money, so there’s been a bit of wrangling. Guy could have asked for as much as £50 million, but he’s not going after Madonna’s money at all.”

The source also claims lawyers have been talking through the arrangements of the split since April, adding: “This has been planned and deliberated over for a very long time. Any suggestion otherwise is ridiculous.”

The couple are believed to be selling some of their properties in London and the US and will split the money. Guy is expected to keep the couple’s UK country estate while Madonna is believed to be fighting to retain a 10-bedroom house in California and £2 million New York apartment.

Madonna and Guy have now both decided who will represent them, with Madonna enlisting Fiona Shackleton – who has previously represented Paul McCartney and Prince Charles. Guy has recruited Lady Helen Ward, who, in 2006, secured a £48 million settlement – believed to be the largest ever divorce payout in British legal history.

Both lawyers are renowned for their abilities to negotiate deals out of court.

Sources suggest Madonna and Guy hope to finalise their divorce by the end of the year.