Geri Halliwell hangs like a bat as part of her exercise regime.

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The former Spice Girls star – who is famed for her intense workouts – uses a swing to hang upside down from, for an hour each day, which she says helps her core muscles.

She said: “I do yoga once a week as well as the swing. It really helps get a great core, and is a fun workout. But it’s not easy to master straight away – you need to be quite flexible.”

As well as yoga, Geri – who is bringing out some new solo material – also uses the treadmill and uses it as an opportunity to practice belting out her latest tunes.

She told the Daily Mirror: “My new thing is a singing treadmill workout. I did it for 20 minutes this morning.

“I hold really, really light dumbbells in each hand, set the treadmill on a really steep incline and then sing while power walking. It’s quite tough.

“I go through all my songs, belting them out, and find it really helps with my fitness and my nerves ahead of big performances.”