George Michael pens song for Amy Winehouse, wants to perform it with her

George Michael wants to duet with Amy Winehouse.

The former Wham frontman – who has already collaborated with Elton John, Mutya Buena, Sir Paul McCartney and Mary J. Blige – is determined to work with the controversial 24-year-old singer.

George said: “I have written a song for Amy and I hope she likes it. I would love us to record it together, but we will have to see what she says.”

The 44-year-old singer – who like Amy has had a difficult relationship with alcohol and drugs – recently said Amy was the “best female vocalist” he had ever heard.

He said: “Amy is the best female vocalist I have ever heard in my entire career, as well as one of the best writers. So all I can say now is, ‘Please, please understand how brilliant you are’ and I wish her every
success in the future, and I know she can get past the media.

“I don’t know if she can get past other things, but she’s a fantastic talent, and we should all support her.”