Gavin Rossdale says his two-month-old son is “Buddha-like”.

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The former Bush rocker – who also has two-year-old son Kingston with wife Gwen Stefani – claims his new baby is very relaxed and easy to care for, although he admits Gwen does not wholly agree.

He said: “Zuma’s super mellow, and at the moment very Buddha-like. Gwen says Zuma’s more trouble than Kingston was, but I thought that he was perfect all the way.”

Gavin, 43, also revealed his kids have inspired him to think about the consequences of his actions, adding he thinks they have made him a better person.

He said: “What I’ve found from having children is that they just want to make you be better. Beforehand, without children, I think that I was probably more reckless and thinking a bit less about the consequences, and now I want to make sure I’m good for them when they check me out.”

Although London-born Gavin – who is currently launching a comeback with solo album Wanderlust – and Gwen are raising their children in America, he is adamant his sons will learn about his background.

Asked if he was keen to maintain his British roots, he added to People magazine: “At my house? Yes, for sure. English roasts. Good tea. What else do I bring? Irony. A lot of irony. A very dry, caustic humour. You might not get it, but just as you think you haven’t got it, it turns around and whips you.”