FRIENDLY FIRES’ singer Ed Macfarlane is cheesed off with the X Factor for using one of his songs.

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During The Extra Factor, the Friendly Fires track Jump in the Pool was used in a sequence when contestants followed Macfarlane’s entreaty and jumped in a pool.

“When I heard Jump In The Pool it was possibly my most cringeworthy moment,” said Macfarlane, who also revealed he and his bandmates won’t even be able to cash in on the clip.

“There isn’t even a silver lining as we probably won’t get royalties because somewhere something says we don’t get paid if people use less than 30 seconds,” he explained.

Luckily, tickets for the band’s gig at the Coronet on the 12th of this month have sold like hot cakes, so the Friendly Fires team won’t be in the poor house just yet.