Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, is set to be offered her own TV series.

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ITV bosses were so impressed with the response to The Duchess in Hull, which aired earlier this week and drew in over five million viewers, they are now ready to offer £150,000 for a series of similar programmes.

The source added to The Sun: “Fergie really impressed us. She has already said she is on a crusade to get the country eating healthily and it makes sense to team up again.

“We are discussing ideas now, but any project would be along the same lines of The Duchess in Hull, where Fergie would go and sort out another family, or tackle another social problem.”

The duchess claims she has been inundated with TV offers since filming the show, which saw her help an overweight family to overhaul their eating habits and lifestyles.

Sarah says she is going to sign up with an agent and claims she was asked to star on Britain’s Got Talent last year.

She said: “I’ve been asked to do many programmes but was only tempted by Britain’s Got Talent, which I turned down because I didn’t have time. One day I’d like to do it – perhaps.”