Farrah Fawcett in Germany for ‘alternative cancer treatments’

Farrah Fawcett has flown to Germany to receive “alternative cancer treatments”.

The former Charlie’s Angels star – who was told her cancer of the lower intestine had returned in May – made the decision to travel to Frankfurt after being told the treatment she wanted wasn’t available in the US.

A spokeswoman for Frankfurt’s University Clinic said: “I can confirm that Farrah Fawcett was here and was treated here, but I have no more information.”

Farrah’s close friend Craig Nevius said: “She was declared 100 per cent cancer free and then it came back. She was discouraged by the treatments she got here. The fact that it recurred after all that she went through was heartbreaking.

“She has been in Germany getting alternative treatments not allowed in the US.”

Nevius also revealed Fawcett, 60, is filming her cancer battle for a possible documentary.

He said: “She’s been documenting everything in a video diary for what could be a very important documentary.”

Fawcett happily announced she was cancer-free in February, saying: “This is an extraordinarily happy day for me and my family. I have been on a journey for the past four months and during this time received a tremendously aggressive treatment which doctors initially warned me would be the most difficult fight of my life. In the face of excruciating pain and
uncertainty, I never lost hope and it never occurred to me to stop fighting – not ever.”

However, she was left devastated after doctors found a small, malignant polyp during a routine examination.