Evan Rachel Wood’s mother believed her family were on drugs the first time they met Marilyn Manson.

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Wood, 20, revealed her mother was shocked when her father bonded with her goth rocker lover over vampires.

The Thirteen star revealed to Wonderland magazine: “My mom dated rock stars and my dad has played Dracula on stage so they get it.

“My dad and Manson were getting on really well and talking about vampires when my mom leans over and says, ‘I’m sorry, are we all on acid?'”

Wood recently revealed she will never duet with Manson, 38, because his fans would “crucify” them.

She said: “We’d just be crucified if we did that. People wouldn’t really accept that. He’s got such a hardcore fan base, and his fans mean a lot to him. I just wouldn’t want to go there.”

Wood and Manson began dating soon after he split from wife Dita Von Teese in December.