Duffy was a maneater in her teens.

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The Mercy singer was a member of several different bands at the same time in her teens, and admits she dated numerous boys from each group.

She said: “I was such a terror. When you’re young and you’re female and you have a band, you have, like five boyfriends in every band. But I’d have about five bands going on and each band wouldn’t know about the other.

“I was like a pessimistic lover. I knew that none of them would work out, but I would keep them on the go for enjoyment’s sake.”

Meanwhile, Duffy has revealed she was inspired to make music by Sir Mick Jagger.

The 23-year-old star was mesmerised by the charisma of The Rolling Stones
frontman when she watched videos of 60s pop show Ready Steady Go as a child.

She said: “My dad has these old videos of Ready Steady Go. I remember the first time I saw Mick Jagger I thought, ‘He’s cool.’ The Beatles, The Stones, Sandie Shaw – it was the sexiest thing ever. I wore that video out.”