Denise Welch’s furious husband has vowed to “sort out” Michael Madsen.

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Benidorm actor Tim Healy is so sick of seeing the Loose Women panellist in tears after her constant clashes with the Hollywood star that he has promised to have words with Michael when he leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house.

He said: “If he keeps making her cry I shall be seeing him, know what I mean? I’m sure Denise will sort him out but if he goes too far I’ll sort him out.”

Tim’s comments come after Michael slammed the 54-year-old star as a “pretentious drunken bitch” following one of their many spats.

He said: “She is a pretentious drunken bitch. I’m sick of her. I can’t do this show with her here. She’s gotta get the hell out.”

However, this wouldn’t be the first time Tim has publicly stuck up for his wife after she’d received a lashing on a reality TV show.

Last year, the 59-year-old actor marched on stage while Denise was taking part in Dancing On Ice to confront famously acid-tongued former judge Jason Gardiner after he made cruel comments about her performance.

Tim said to him: “She’s 52 and she’s got four jobs! How many jobs have you got, eh?”