Denise Welch doesn’t know how Loose Women colleague Carol McGiffin will cope with her being teetotal.

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The former Rovers Return barmaid recently gave up alcohol for the sake of fiance Lincoln Townley, but is not sure how her friends will take it.

She said: “I didn’t tell anyone I’d stopped drinking because I didn’t want people watching me and waiting for me to buckle. But this time I knew I was ready.

“But I don’t know how Carol McGiffin will cope with me being teetotal!”

Welch, 54, initially refused to give up booze despite her temper flaring when she was drunk, but changed her mind when she thought she might lose her new partner.

Writing in her new autobiography, Starting Over, which is being serialised in the Daily Mirror, she said: “Unfortunately, when I drink, I sometimes wind up my partner deliberately.

“It never happens with my friends, just my partner. It’s almost as if I’m testing them, ‘How far can I push you?’

“We had a big fight one night and I chucked him out of my rented flat. It was very upsetting and I felt devastated the next morning.

“Before I went to work, Lincoln came over. He said, ‘I can’t lose you and I won’t lose you. I’m going to stop drinking.’ I said, ‘Well I’m not ready to stop yet.’ Much as I loved him I didn’t feel I could do the same for him.

“I gave up drinking for the sake of our relationship. I wasn’t going to lose Lincoln because of alcohol.”