Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are desperately trying for a baby.

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The Ghost star – who at, 44, is 15 years older than her husband – says the couple would love to have a child together and are busy “practising”.

Demi – who has three teenage daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis – said: “We would love a baby. It would just be fantastic. We are doing lots of practising. And you can’t complain about practising with him!”

Demi has also revealed she knew Ashton was the one for her after she told him she had three children and he thought it was a “bonus”.

The actress said in an interview with the Observer magazine: “On paper if somebody had said, ‘You are going to be marrying somebody who is 25, as he was then, and who sees a woman who has three kids as a bonus,’ I would have laughed. I would never have known that this man could have existed.

“When we were at dinner, I stepped out of the room to call my children to say goodnight. I was on the phone to them saying I love you and I miss you guys – and there he was. He stood there and he looked right at me and he
said, ‘That is the most beautiful thing I ever heard.’ He paused, then closed the door. So I knew I had encountered someone really different. I just knew.”