Dannii Minogue reportedly split with Chris Smith because he bought her a passport holder for a Christmas present.

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The former rugby star purchased a new accessory for the Australia’s Got Talent judge for Christmas because he thought her old one was “tatty from so much travelling”, but Dannii did not take the joke well and things quickly became tense between the pair.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “There have been a lot of problems and the pair were living separate lives.

“Dannii is a workaholic, Kris wanted her to slow down and enjoy life a bit more but you don’t tell a Minogue girl that.

“Dannii is a perfectionist – she lists everything around the house like chores on little Post-it notes – they are everywhere and when things are tense this kind of thing can cause a row.”

The pair had been together for four years and have 21-month-old son Ethan together.

Kris is now believed to be searching for a new home in Melbourne’s South Yarra – close to where he works on Channel 10’s The Project.

Dannii has admitted she wants to take some time out following the split.

She wrote on twitter: “Hi Tweet peeps. Needing to retreat for a while. Thank you for your ever loving continued support.(sic)”