DANIEL RADCLIFFE has ruled out getting off with Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson, the actress behind Hermione Granger.

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“We know it’d be everything the fans ever wanted, but I’m sorry guys, it’s not happening,” said Radcliffe, who plays the boy wizard for the sixth time in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, out later this month.

“It’s just not. There’s something really incestuous about the idea of it.”

However, Radcliffe, 19, did hint that things might have been different in the past.

“There was a period when we were the only boys and girls any of us knew,” he said of the young Harry Potter cast.

“We were all unbelievably horny from about the third film to probably about the end of the fifth; then it all settled down. But, God, for a few years…”

The sexual tension off screen is mirrored in front of the camera, according to LondonNet’s Emilie Pave, who was in the first audience to see the new movie at a special preview last week.

“There’s a lot of snogging going on, like in the book,” said Pave.

“It’s more mature than the earlier films.”

Snogging is probably banned at the moment for Rupert Glint, who plays Ron Weasley.

The ginger-mop-top actor has been laid low by the dreaded swine flu while filming the next and last in the series based on JK Rowling’s books, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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