Daniel Craig is unsure whether he will star in another James Bond film.

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The actor – who reprises his role as the British spy in upcoming movie Quantum of Solace – says despite signing a contract for another two movies in the franchise, he doesn’t know whether he will return to the character.

He said: “I did sign on for four so a piece of paper says there are two more to do. But let’s see how this one goes. In the film business, everything doesn’t always go according to plan. We’ll wait and see. If it goes wrong, we’ll have to rethink things.”

Daniel also revealed he can “relate” to the depressed character author Ian Fleming originally wrote about.

He added to Playboy magazine: “I got most of my inspiration from Ian Fleming’s books. I reread them. In the books, Bond is suave and sophisticated, yes… but there is also a flawed aspect of Bond.

“In the novels he is quite a depressive character. When he is not working, he is at his worst. I can relate.”