Courtney Love plans to join list of perfumed celebrities

Courtney Love wants to launch her own perfume but is worried nobody wants to smell like her.

The former Hole singer – who has battled drink and drug addiction – wants to lay to rest her rebellious image and reinvent herself before she brings out the signature scent.

Courtney said: “These days stars make money by marketing their own clothes and fragrances but I’ve been reading a lot of books and attending a lot of marketing conferences before I go down that route. No one wants to smell like Eau de Controversy!”

Courtney, the widow of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, has turned to Buddhist chanting, Pilates and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to help clean up her life.

She regularly sees a therapist and drug addiction specialist, and relaxes by watching her 15-year-old daughter Frances Bean play soccer.

Courtney – who is about to release her first new studio album, Nobody’s Daughter, in four years – said: “I’m really just a Beverly Hills soccer mom who wants to be a real estate mogul and design clothes.

“I know how to play the game now. I have to navigate the system, follow the rules and stop being a rebel. I can’t afford to be a 43-year-old rebel.”