Christian Bale is to star in Terminator 4, it has been claimed.

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The American Psycho star has reportedly signed up to play John Connor, the saviour of the human race, in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

The fourth installment of the Terminator series is being helmed by Charlie’s Angels director McG and is due to start filming early next year.

McG hopes the movie will be the first of a new Terminator trilogy set in the future, telling the story of the war between humans and the Skynet robots.

In the first three Terminator films – which starred the now Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger – different generations of the killer robot travel back in time in a bid to kill John Connor, or prevent his existence, and stop him winning the battle for humanity in the future.

McG’s new Warner Bros. project is set for release in summer 2009.

Bale is currently filming new Batman film The Dark Knight, in which he plays the caped crusader for the second time.