Cheryl Cole pips Jesica Alba to land Sexiest Brunette crown

Cheryl Cole has been named the world’s sexiest brunette.

The Girls Aloud singer – who is married to Chelsea soccer star Ashley Cole – beat Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba to the top spot in the poll by Nuts magazine.

Men questioned in the survey also revealed they would rather marry a brunette than a blonde, because dark-haired girls are more trustworthy.

Nuts deputy editor Hans Seeberg said: “Blondes may have a reputation for having more fun, but that’s no good if their hair colour actually puts men off.

“Men are less likely to get involved in a serious relationship if they think there’s a chance the girl might be having too much fun while their backs are turned.”

Despite being one of world’s most desirable females, Cheryl recently confessed she dislikes her own body.

The 24-year-old pop beauty is very insecure about her looks and has to work extremely hard to maintain her slender figure.

She said: “I’m not happy with my body. I have to watch my weight and really put myself through it, trying silly diets or doing stupid gym workouts.

“When Girls Aloud first started I put on a lot of weight and at one point I was 133 pounds. Now I just have one day a week when I eat whatever I like.”

Nuts magazine’s 50 Sexiest Brunettes list, top 5:

1. Cheryl Cole
2. Lucy Pinder
3. Jessica Alba
4. Roxanne McKee
5. Sophie Howard