Cheryl Cole hasn’t eaten for a week following revelations her soccer star husband cheated on her with several women.

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The Girls Aloud singer – who has been left devastated by the allegations about spouse Ashley – is said to be suffering from dizzy spells and is “close to collapse”, leaving friends and family worried for her health.

A source said: “Everyone is really concerned about Cheryl. She didn’t eat for a couple of days and everyone close to her understood because she was so upset.

“But time has dragged on and she has now gone the best part of a week without a proper meal.

“She can’t force food down because she is still in shock. She’s been having dizzy spells and is close to collapse. It’s really worrying.”

Last Friday, it was claimed Ashley had slept with hairdresser Aimee Walton after a drunken night out last December.

He then allegedly offered to pay for an abortion after Aimee had a pregnancy scare because Ashley refused to wear a condom.

Two more girls have now come forward saying they also slept with Ashley while he had been with Cheryl but paid them to keep silent.

One of the girls, glamour model Brooke Healey, also said Ashley refused to wear protection and Cheryl is now worried she may have caught a sexually transmitted disease.

A source said: “There’s a lot for her to take in at the moment, a lot to think about. So while she’s deliberating everything she wants to make sure she’s healthy.”

Yesterday, it was revealed Cheryl – who initially vowed to stand by Ashley – had left the marital home to consider the future of her marriage.

Her spokesman said: “Cheryl has gone away for a break. She needed some time alone and that’s that. We’re not commenting on any other aspect of the story.”