Cheryl Cole thinks she possesses a super-power that enables her to ”see people from the inside.”

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The Call My Name singer doesn’t get excited when she tops polls for being beautiful or sexy, as she isn’t interested in people’s looks, and feels she has a special sense for what people are really like inside.

Saying she finds the idea of being voted sexy ”cringey,” she added: ”I just don’t see myself like that. You know those ‘FHM [magazine’s] Sexy Women’ or whatever. I don’t jump out of bed and frame them.

”I view people differently anyway. It’s almost as if I can see people from the inside and that’s far more special to me.”

The former X Factor judge – who turned 29 last month – is rumoured to be writing her autobiography, but is unsure as to whether she is ready to tell her story.

She added to more! magazine: ”I’m torn, the past 10 years have been incredible – the whole of my twenties. That would be amazing to put into words, and go into my 30s with a clean slate.”