Cheryl Cole gives second chance to Ashley

Cheryl Cole has decided to give her marriage to her cheating soccer star husband another chance.

The Girls Aloud beauty – who was left devastated by claims Ashley slept with three girls behind her back – has told the sportsman she is willing to forgive him but will not tolerate anymore infidelities.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Cheryl has spent the weekend thinking about last week’s revelations over and over. She still really loves Ashley and wants to believe him when he tells her he loves her too.

“So she’s decided to put everything she has into saving her marriage because she has made a lifetime commitment she doesn’t want to break.”

Cheryl – who married Ashley in a lavish ceremony in July 2006 – has been taking advice from Victoria Beckham, whose own marriage was rocked by claims her soccer star husband David had cheated on her.

Victoria reportedly told her: “Get your hair done, put on some make-up, treat yourself to a posh frock, then brave the world.”

When it first emerged Ashley had slept with hairdresser Aimee Walton after a drunken night out last December, Cheryl vowed to stand by her man.

She said: “When I married Ashley I took my vows, for better for worse. This is definitely the worse it gets.”

However, it later emerged he had offered Aimee money for an abortion after she had a pregnancy scare because Ashley refused to wear a condom. Two more girls also came forward to say they had slept with the athlete but were paid to keep quiet.