CHERYL COLE might be stopped from getting a job on the US X Factor panel because of her Geordie accent.

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Executives from American TV station NBC flew over to watch the Girls Aloud singer in action in the UK version and may now make the Girls Aloud singer do elocution lessons before they let her loose on the States.

“They couldn’t make head nor tail of her Geordie accent,” an insider told The Mirror.

“While her accent isn’t that thick, the Americans really seemed to struggle with it.

“Seriously, [elocution lessons] may be the route she has to take if she is really considering breaking into television over there.”

On the plus side, the NBS crowd, “were bowled over by Cheryl and thought she was sassy, smart, charismatic and beautiful,” said the source.

British accents have a mixed history across the Atlantic.

Episodes of Coronation Street and EastEnders have had to be subtitled in the past, but Americans loved the Beatles Scouse tones and Billy Connelly’s Scottish twang.