Chelsy Davy wants to move to Chelsea

Chelsy Davy is looking for a “place to call her own” in Chelsea area so she can concentrate on repairing her relationship with Prince Harry.

Chelsy – who is said to have taken the prince back after they split earlier this month – lives in Leeds during the week where she is studying for her postgraduate degree in international relations, but is desperate to find a second home in her favourite area of the city so she can be close to prince at weekends.

A friend of the Zimbabwe-born blonde told the London Paper: “She’s been spending every weekend staying at a friend’s flat who lives above a shop, and thinks of London as her second home. She wanted to move in with them, but was told that while it was fun having her there, they weren’t looking for another full-time housemate.

“She desperately wants a place to call her own in the city and thinks being in London will make it easier to sort things out with Harry.”

Chelsy, 22, ended her three-year relationship with Harry after finding a series of text messages from another woman on the prince’s phone.

She was also said to be frustrated with his constant wild partying and lack of commitment.