Charlize Theron has become a US citizen.

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The South African-born actress studied hard to pass the citizenship examination and insists becoming an American is something she has dreamt of for years.

Charlize said: “I’ve always wanted to be one, they just didn’t want to take me. You’re stuck with me now!

“It’s quite a process – you have to work hard, you have to study up. You have to know your stuff – you’ve got to know your senators, how the government works.

“They give you a test. It is what you should know and I think it is good that they do it. If you live here you should know your stuff. I did incredibly well, I studied up and I was right there with my answers before he had even finished the questions.”

The 32-year-old Monster star, who has been living in the US for over a decade, also revealed her interview went smoothly until they asked her to write.

She added to David Letterman: “It was all going fine until the interviewer said, ‘Take this piece of paper and write, ‘It’s a sunny day.’ I was like, wait a second, this isn’t in the book – I didn’t study for that! It was one of those really weird feelings where you completely doubt yourself. I forgot how to speak English, I was thinking does sunny have a double n?

“I guess they want to make sure that you can write and it turns out I can!”