Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, gets a tattoo

The Duchess of Cornwall has had a henna tattoo done on her left hand.

The wife of Prince Charles had the temporary body art inked while on a tour of the African island nation of Zanzibar.

It was not the only unusual item on the itinerary for the couple – Charles was also spotted dancing while locals played an instrument known as a zumari.

Camilla also got involved, and was spotted swaying her hips during the performance.

However, the physical exertion during the extreme 95 degree heat was too much for the duchess, who then had to sit down in a private room to recover, and was overheard noting how her tattoo was being ruined by the temperature, which made her “cross”.

After their duties, Camilla and Charles went sightseeing and purchased some local goods, including a hand-woven basket, honey and soap.

The couple are currently on an eight day tour of the semi-autonomous nation, which is part of Tanzania.