Cameron Diaz hot on Brit model

Cameron Diaz’s romance with Paul Sculfor is getting serious.

The What Happens in Vegas star, who was seen flirting with the British model over dinner earlier this month, enjoyed a second romantic date with Paul in Hollywood on Sunday (08.06.08).

The pair were spotted at the exclusive Chateau Marmont hotel and Cameron appeared to be smitten with Paul, Jennifer Aniston’s ex-boyfriend.

A source said: “Cameron and Paul were sitting on the patio, leaning in toward each other. Her body language looked like she was really comfortable with him. She looked genuinely like a girl falling in love.”

While Cameron has previously remained coy about her private life, onlookers say she was happy to flaunt her new romance. The source added: “She wasn’t really hiding him.”

Although the blonde actress seems to have fallen head over heels for Paul, friends claim she still has feelings for ex-lover Justin Timberlake and has turned to him for support since the sudden death of her father Emilio in April.

One pal of Cameron’s told America’s OK! magazine: “She has been calling him constantly for support after the passing of her father.”