Britney Spears failed to attend her court-ordered deposition yesterday (12.12.07), complaining of “high anxiety”.

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The Gimme More singer, who was due to undergo questioning by ex-husband Kevin Federline’s lawyers in the custody battle for their sons, felt too “sick” to be interviewed.

Kevin’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan said: “I was told of a general medical condition, and Britney Spears felt she couldn’t attend.

“She’s going to show at a later date, but we don’t waive any rights to ask for certain relief from the court as a result of having a court-ordered deposition not attended.”

Britney’s friend-and-assistant Sam Lufti claims the singer was distressed by the media attention surrounding her court appearance.

He said: “She is sick, both physically and high anxiety. There are millions of people outside. It’s too much.”

A new date for Britney’s deposition has been chosen, but not been revealed. Her questioning, which isn’t expected to last longer than a day, is set to address her alleged drug use, her failure to follow court orders and her capabilities as a mother.

This isn’t the first time Britney has run into trouble with Kevin’s legal team. Last month, Kaplan complained the 26-year-old singer wasn’t taking her court-ordered drug tests and was failing to answer her mobile phone.

Kevin currently has temporary full custody of Sean Preston, two, and 15-month-old Jayden James and receives UKP15,000-a-month in child support from Britney, while she has three supervised visits a week.

They have agreed to share custody over the Christmas holidays.