Britney Spears hitches lift from paparazzo

Britney Spears invited a paparazzo into her home before ordering him to collect her abandoned car.

The Gimme More singer – who left her vehicle on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard during rush hour after her tyre blew out on Monday (07.01.08) – hitched a lift back to her Malibu mansion with a x17 photographer known only as Fabricio after she was left stranded.

Fabricio said: “She had been trying to call someone to come and pick her up but she gave up and asked me for a lift.

“She rode in the front and her assistant Carla rode in the back. I asked about her weekend with new love Adnan Ghalib and she just said, ‘It was fine’. She didn’t want to talk about it. She was very concerned about getting her car picked up. She picked up my Timbaland CD, Shock Value and asked if she could play it.”

He added: “When we got to her house she told me, ‘Leave you car here and leave your damn camera and come in.’ Britney’s house was very neat and beautiful, and it smelled like flowers. We walked through to the kitchen. There was a big picture of her with the kids on the wall.

“I asked her if I could take her picture in her house and she said, ‘Don’t be lame.’ Then she asked me to go and pick up her car, but when I got there it had already been towed. She seemed fine. She was very nice and she definitely has her feet on the ground.”

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Mike Lopez said: “Britney Spears’ car was impounded because it was blocking the roadway.”

Britney now faces a USD104 towing fee, plus USD32 for every day it remains in the towing yard.