Britney Spears may be banned from appealing for custody of her children after she failed to attend her court-ordered deposition.

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Lawyers for her ex-husband Kevin Federline are furious after the singer claimed she was too sick to be questioned by them on Wednesday (12.12.07) but then went out partying until 2am on Thursday morning (13.12.07).

Chief attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan reportedly plans to ask Commissioner Scott M. Gordon – the judge overseeing the custody case – to bar Britney from asking for more custody rights.

A source said: “This is the fourth time Britney has skipped the deposition. Kaplan feels she should not be allowed to go into court and ask to restore custody if she won’t sit for a deposition to determine if she really is a fit parent.

“He could even ask for her to pay penalties, including Kevin’s legal fees. Britney could even be held in contempt of court, but he doesn’t plan to go there.”

Kevin currently has temporary full custody of Sean Preston, two, and 15-month-old Jayden James, and receives UKP15,000-a-month in child support from Britney, while she has three supervised visits a week.

They have agreed to share custody over the Christmas holidays, but Kaplan may even appeal for Britney’s current visitation rights to be withdrawn.