Brangelina bring in full-time nanny

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are employing a live-in nanny.

The couple have so far shunned full-time help in bringing up Maddox, six, Pax, four, Zahara, three, and two-year-old Shiloh, but now Angelina is expecting twins, they are looking for extra support.

The Tomb Raider actress revealed: “With two little babies to look after, I guess you reach a point where it becomes a practical question and we’ll need full-time help.”

Angelina says the decision to hire a nanny has delighted Brad, 44, who has been begging his 33-year-old partner to take it easy during her pregnancy.

She added: “He’s only worried when I don’t get enough rest or when he sees me picking up Maddox or Pax – my doctor says I’m not supposed to be doing that.

“Brad will just say, ‘Let me pick them up’. He’s very protective of me and I admire that. It’s a good feeling to have your man taking care of you in the sense of worrying about you and wanting to make sure you’re OK. I’ve always been pretty independent but I do like the fact Brad is there for me.”

Angelina, Brad and their four children are currently in France awaiting the birth of their twins.