Bette Midler would consider having plastic surgery.

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The 63-year-old entertainer – who is currently starring in her new Las Vegas residency The Showgirl Must Go On – would be tempted to seek cosmetic enhancements when she starts to lose her figure.

When asked if she had ever thought about going under the knife, she replied: “Doesn’t everybody consider it? When it really starts to cave in, I probably will start to give it a real good think.”

However, Bette insists she is happy with her body at the moment and sticks to a strict diet and exercise regime to maintain her youthful appearance.

She added: “I do have fabulous legs, I just never show them. I’m pretty good about my regime. I am really disciplined. I don’t keep strange hours and I don’t drink a lot and I don’t smoke. But I have been blessed.”

The Beaches actress also had some advice for troubled singer Britney Spears. She added to US TV show Extra: “I would try to make her comfortable being herself and being alone without a lot of attention. I would try to get her to calm down and know there’s a world besides this show business world. There’s so much more than she’s letting herself experience.”