AMY WINEHOUSE, appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court today, has hit out at people who lose control when drinking alcohol.

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“People are just rude or just mad these days,” said Winehouse.

“Or people can’t handle drink.”

She wasn’t talking about herself either, but making a point in her defence of the accusation she punched Sherene Flash after a Princes Trust charity do in September 2008.

Flash says that Winehouse gave her a whack when asked to pose for a photo in the dressing room, following the singer’s performance. Flash appeared on the same stage as a dancer.

“She punched me forcefully in my right eye,” Flash told the court.

“She used a fist, her right one. I started crying with shock. I couldn’t open my eye for a while.”

Winehouse says she felt “scared” by Flash’s intrusive behaviour and that any injury was accidental.

The Rehab singer said her fear was deepened by the difference in size between the two women.

Winehouse showed the court the flat shoes she wore on the night of the alleged punch, which gave her a height of “probably 5ft 2ins to 3ins tall”, while Flash stands 5ft7ins.

The case continues.