Amy Winehouse ditches house arrest

Amy Winehouse fled her home yesterday (02.07.08) after being placed under “house arrest” to keep her away from drugs.

The troubled singer – who left hospital earlier this week following treatment for scarring on the lungs – is being monitored round-the-clock and even has a security guard stationed outside her home.

Yet despite the measures, Amy managed to sprint out of the house and into a waiting car of her female friends, only to later be taken home by dad Mitch.

According to onlookers, the car sped off for a 20-minute drive only for the singer to jump out of the moving vehicle in Camden, North London, hurl abuse at her pals and run into the nearest pub. Mitch soon arrived to take her home.

Before the incident happened, Amy was reportedly heard screaming to be let out.

An onlooker told the Daily Express: “Amy could be heard pleading to be allowed out for some fresh air, only to be told to stick her head out of the back window. Anyone who rang her doorbell had to be given approval by the man on the door. He left after a few hours, only for another big guy to take his place.”

Record Company bosses have made the decision to keep Amy in her home to keep her away from “undesirables”.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “Effectively, Amy’s been put under house arrest. She is being monitored by 24/7 surveillance to make sure she is behaving herself and keeping out of harm’s way.

“There is also a security guard stationed outside her house around the clock to vet any undesirables.

“Crucially, they don’t want known drug dealers coming anywhere near her. Amy has given them names of people expected. Anyone who turns up uninvited will be sent packing. It’s for her own good.”