Alicia Silverstone’s dogs are vegan.

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The actress – who hasn’t eaten meat or dairy products for 10 years – says refining the eating habits of her four pets has stopped them passing wind.

She told Graham Norton: “I really care about animals. There’s so much unnecessary suffering going on.

“All four of my dogs are vegan, they don’t fart any more! I eat delicious food but without cruelty.”

The 31-year-old Clueless star posed naked for an advertisement for animal rights group PETA last year and admitted she was terrified before the shoot.

She said: “It was scary but I knew I really wanted to make this message appealing.”

The actress – who was voted the sexiest female vegetarian in 2004 – said in the advert: “I am Alicia Silverstone, and I am a vegetarian. There’s nothing
in the world that’s changed me as much as this. I feel so much better and have so much more energy. It’s amazing.”

Earlier this week, Leona Lewis was unveiled as this year’s sexiest female vegetarian, with Red Hot Chili Peppers star Anthony Kiedis taking the male