Al Murray has revealed a Pub Landlord movie is “in development” – a script has been written featuring the stereotypical right-wing character – but he is still looking for someone to make the film.

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He said: “I’d love to do a Pub Landlord film,” said Murray.

“In fact there’s a script and some stuff already written.

“But with movies, you have to go and find someone who wants to make it. I guess it’s ‘in development’.

“With most projects I always think that until it’s in the bargain bin of a service station for £1, it hasn’t actually happened!”

Murray – currently starring in The Only Way Is Epic at the Queen’s theatre – hinted there will be some controversial material in the movie after admitting he enjoys playing the character because he can get away with speaking about “outrageous” matters he wouldn’t normally discuss himself.

He said: “One of the things I really like about doing the Pub Landlord is that I can talk about things I wouldn’t be able to as myself.

“He’s very good armour to go on stage in and I can get away with outrageous things I would never dream of saying.

“Sometimes I watch it back and think, ‘My God, did he just say that? What got into me?’ ”

Murray created the Pub Landlord “by accident” the night before linking up with his friend Harry Hill’s act at the Edinburgh Festival in 1994, and he can’t believe how successful his alter-ego has been.

He added to The Sun: “I can’t believe it. That was never the plan. In fact there was no plan! The character was invented by accident, the most brilliant, divine accident to have happened.

“I think to myself, ‘How the f*** did that happen?’ It’s amazing.

“If I’d sat down to try to work something out, I’d never have come up with it, but it seems to be working.”

Tickets for The Only Way is Epic on sale here.