Adele dumped

Adele has been dumped for a Burberry model.

The British singer – who is famous for her size 16 curves – has reportedly been left by boyfriend, The More Assured bassist Slinky Sunbeam, for stunning Burberry model Morwenna Lytton-Cobbold.

A source close to the singer told The Sun: “Adele and Slinky met in February and hit it off. It was really sweet. She was really into Slinky and it was great to see her so happy. Then after about a month she headed off to America to do some shows. She hoped Slinky would be waiting when she got back but he didn’t hang around – he traded her in for a thin model.”

Adele recently revealed she doesn’t like men flirting with her when she is out, because she thinks they are after her money.

She said: “The strangest thing is I don’t like taking people in as friends. I never have, so I probably won’t ever meet a new guy.

“A few come up to me now that I am in the public eye and they know I have a bit of money from my record deal, so it is just stupid. I don’t trust them or believe them. Even if Johnny Depp came up to me I probably wouldn’t
believe him.”